2022 Medicare for All Strategy Conference has ended

Hundreds of activists from around the country convened for an online week of inspiration and strategy to win Medicare for All! The 2022 M4A conference featured more than 20 plenary panels, 40 live workshops, and 80 speakers.

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Heather Stockwell

Rights and Democracy New Hampshire
Healthcare Justice Campaign Organizer
Hello- I am on staff at Rights & Democracy, managing and organizing our campaigns on Healthcare Justice and the Overdose Crisis. I am passionate about this issue because I've struggled with it in many ways over my entire life by paying too much and still not getting the care I need. Our north star legislation is Medicare For All and along the way we are working to expand our Medicaid and Medicare systems and lower prescription drug prices so that people can get the care they need in the meantime. We are part of the People's Action national network and I'll be helping facilitate two workshops at this year's conference; The first, one is about our Care Over Cost campaign centered on denials of care and amplifying messages that uncover the greedy tactics of the private, for-profit health insurance industry; The second workshop we are offering will be on a technique called Deep Canvassing as a tool to get to universal healthcare by having in-depth conversations with people about their healthcare experiences and asking probing questions to push them to reflect more deeply about the issue. In these conversations, we hope to move their view on healthcare to a more inclusive place and leave them with some things to think about. I hope to meet many of you during our social time on the Gather app, and if I don't get to meet you over the weekend, then I hope you'll reach out via email after the conference. 
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