2022 Medicare for All Strategy Conference has ended

Hundreds of activists from around the country convened for an online week of inspiration and strategy to win Medicare for All! The 2022 M4A conference featured more than 20 plenary panels, 40 live workshops, and 80 speakers.

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Truthseekers - Health Justice Podcast
I produce Truthseekers - Health Justice Podcast - focused on health justice and false corporate narrative around U.S. health insurance reform. Because the server failed on the former link, I recently converted and moved the podcast audios to a YouTube Channel titled Truthseekers - Health Justice Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw__m5s6qrfljXiBxmD9oMg
One podcast describes how Neoliberalism has yielded "Wealthcare, not Healthcare." I also produced a piece about how Libby, Montana residents came to be covered by Medicare following environmental catastrophe - an example of a means to achieve Medicare coverage for all those subject to COVID and its aftermath, and many more, if the political will can be discovered. I also produced a podcast titled "Private Equity Healthcare" about the takeover of management of many sectors of U.S. health care by Wall St private equity and hedge fund entities since the '90s. By 2020, half of U.S. emergency rooms were reported managed by Private Equity firms, as well as many hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and other health sectors. Private Equity firms, Hegdefunds and other investors have boosted profits by cutting hospital staffing, pay and benefits, and even closing hospitals that are not profitable. The podcast that I am in the process of posting is titled "Medicare 'Dis'Advantage Fraud: Milking the Medicare Trust Fund."

I have also worked with Dr. Tom Gottlieb for over four years as he and Eldon Van Der Wege have written a financial plan for "Extended Medicare for All" - online at https://extendedmedicare.info/ - a 40+ page paper integrating Social Security Law, etc. as a means to extend Medicare to all residents of the U.S. I know that Dr. Gottlieb has registered for the conference, and would urge that he be included in the discussion about the path to financing Medicare for All.

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