2022 Medicare for All Strategy Conference has ended

Hundreds of activists from around the country convened for an online week of inspiration and strategy to win Medicare for All! The 2022 M4A conference featured more than 20 plenary panels, 40 live workshops, and 80 speakers.

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Maureen Brinck-Lund

Health Care is a Human Right - WA
Advocate/Committee Co-Chair
Seattle, WA
My interest is a concern for the health of our commnities and a desire to participate in bringing greater equity to fellow residents of my state of Washington, and to all residents of the United States.  I have had a "portfolio career", now retired, -- that has only brushed on health care in any way. I have personally had great luck in health.  Neverthelss, it is haunting to me how hard Americans have to work to just get, and afford, basic healthcare and how easily their lives are impacted, even destroyed, for lack of access to health care. And how unmitigating the stress is for our fellow Americans when each and every day that sword of damacles, a medical emergency or unexpected issue, could topple their lives into chaos.  Access to health care on par with our peer nations would be a huge step in the direction of bringing more calm to our common experience.  I see access to health care as essential for democracy to flourish.  We all benefit when all of us are healthier and free of the unremitting stress of worry and fear that burdens so many today.

I have been co-chairing (and now chairing) a sub-committee of HCHR (Health Care is a Human Right -WA) since Jan, 2022 that is tasked with tracking, influencing, and helping the Universal Health Care Commission. The Commission was established by our legislature in 2021 to research and plan for a universal health care solution, including a unified financing system, in the state of Washington. HCHR's gold standard for universal health care would be a national plan, improved MC4A. Simultaneously we are pursuing a state-based solution.

I'd be happy to talk to anyone about HCHR, the UHC Commission, and to learn from other attendees about the ins and outs of establishing a state-based system, especially when it comes to managing federal programs and limitations to achieve simplification.
Maureen Brinck-Lund
P.S. No social media accounts.

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